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Prosperity Builders™ is proud to offer a wide range of affordably priced homes designed to meet today’s evolving housing needs. We create thriving communities in highly desirable areas, featuring beautiful and efficient new homes that offer a winning combination of comfort, quality and value.

Established 2018

Prosperity Builders

Prosperity Builders was founded with the goal of empowering today’s aspiring homebuyers through the creation of affordable, high quality homes. By using innovative design and development practices, collaborating closely with local government and financial institutions, and closely observing local and regional growth and trends, Prosperity Builders has earned the respect and admiration of the towns, cities and homeowners we proudly serve. >> IN THE NEWS

01. Strategic

We identify popular markets with a real and growing need for varied and affordably-priced homes, then generate innovative solutions to address those needs.

02. Professional

We leverage more than a quarter century of real estate development experience to design and build homes of functional and aesthetic appeal, plus enduring value.

03. Committed

Our dream is seeing you realize your dream… The opportunity to purchase a home of your own in one of the region’s most popular and fastest-growing areas.

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Our Parent

TBC Land Development

Initially founded in the 1990s in Charlotte, North Carolina, as The Berry Company, TBC Land Development has a proven track record of success in commercial, retail, mixed-use, senior living and residential categories. The company’s founder Tony Berry began his career as a furniture store owner in the greater Charlotte area. Seeing opportunities all around him and driven by a truly entrepreneurial spirit, Berry transformed himself into one of the southeast’s most successful developers while building TBC into one of the region’s most innovative and dynamic land development companies.

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These marketing materials do not guaranty or otherwise warrant that “wealth” will be accumulated or savings will be realized in connection with the purchase of a Regime Unit. Prospective Purchaser understands and acknowledges that the sales price of the Units are restricted to provide affordable housing opportunities to subsequent purchasers of the Regime Units for ninety (90) years from the date that the certificate of occupancy is issued and that the Prospective Purchaser’s return on investment is limited by the aforementioned restrictions. Furthermore, in order to fully qualify to purchase a Regime Unit, documentation will be required to verify your income consistent with the Developer’s qualification program.

Regime as reflected need not be built; plans and specifications in draft form only and subject to change.