Empowering First-Time Homebuyers

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Mission Driven

Our Workforce Housing Program
A happy healthcare worker like new homes developer Prosperity Builders serves.

Assisting the Local Workforce

Our Mission

Prosperity Builders is a new homes developer. Our mission is to provide new construction “workforce” housing options in high cost and high barrier markets, giving local workers an opportunity to live near their jobs. We use innovative and efficient design, cutting edge development strategies, economies of scale and strategic public-private partnerships where applicable. Prosperity Builders is focused on building these new homes for sale at below current market rates.

Fulfilling the American Dream

Home Ownership

Few things in life can match the sense of accomplishment and stability that comes with purchasing your own new home. But for many working men and women, the dream of home ownership has dimmed as home prices have soared. At Prosperity Builders, we believe the hard-working people who serve the region’s most popular communities – teachers, police, firefighters, healthcare and hospitality workers – should also be able to call these places home. That’s what our workforce housing program is all about.

A happy restaurant industry worker like new homes developer Prosperity Builders serves.

From Our Founder

“Our goal is to empower first-time homebuyers to achieve the American dream of home ownership – to feel the pride and sense of achievement that comes with owning their own home and experience the wealth building opportunity that comes with home ownership.”

Tony Berry, Prosperity Builders