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Sensible Solutions For Today’s Varying Housing Needs
A happy healthcare worker like new homes developer Prosperity Builders serves.

Achieving Home Ownership

Workforce Housing

School teachers. Restaurant workers. Healthcare professionals. Firefighters. Police officers… They serve as the backbone of our communities, yet increases in the cost of housing – particularly in the most desirable areas – has placed the dream of home ownership far out of reach. Prosperity Builders is changing all that. Our workforce housing communities are specifically designed to create a real and attainable opportunity for these people to own a home, create equity, build wealth, reduce commute times and significantly enhance their quality of life.

Meeting Marketplace Needs

Townhome Communities

In more and more of the region’s most sought-after markets, demand for affordable new homes has far outpaced inventory. As a result, potential buyers find themselves without options when it comes to making a home purchase. At Prosperity Builders, we’ve developed an innovative model that enables us to enter these markets and provide an attractive opportunity for these homebuyers. Located in highly desirable locations, our low-maintenance, energy-efficient townhomes and “duets” – two-story townhomes built in attached sets of two – are designed to accommodate everyone from aspirational singles to young couples buying their first home to established families and even empty-nesters.

A happy restaurant industry worker like new homes developer Prosperity Builders serves.

From Our Founder

“Since founding in 2018, our goal at Prosperity Builders has been empowering people to achieve the American dream of home ownership, to help them feel pride in making such an important purchase, and to experience the wealth building opportunity that comes with that.”

Tony Berry, Prosperity Builders